Deep Work Training

Deep work is the ability to work with intense concentration for extended periods of time in a single task, free from distractions.  Defined by Cal Newport in his book Deep Work, it is necessary for anyone who wants to produce at peak level. Do not putting deep work in our efforts will only make us produce mediocre results. […]

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8 Podcasts About Brain Training

I like to listen to brain training podcasts because they provide a fresh way for learning about how to improve the brain. Podcasts allow you to learn while moving or when you are out of your brain training place. You can listen to them while at the gym, shopping or getting tun at the beach. Even if there are […]

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4 Books I Read In January 2016

I recommend to read at least a book per week. I know you are going to tell me that you are not able to digest all the ideas from all those books. Fair enough. Actually, that is not the goal. The goal is to exercise your brain, and get a fresh source of ideas. Those […]

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The Insanity Mind Morning Routine

I always hear the same: Rick, I don’t have the time to perform the training you are suggesting. I have so many things to do that I cannot train my brain, train my body and do meditation, together with all the things I have to do along the day. Fair enough. I understand. We are […]

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Controlling Emotions

Tonight I went to watch the last film of Disney: Inside Out. The film, being too much sugar for my taste, is a master piece of scripting, because it clearly describes how emotions are controlling our life. Emotions have a big power over us. They are responsible of many of our automatic behaviors, most of them, behaviors that […]

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The Insanity Mind Brain-Body Shake

In this post, I will show you how to prepare a post body-training shake that enhances both the body and the brain, at the same time that it serves as one of the meals of the day. If you are familiar with the Insanity Mind method, you know how important is body training for the mind. […]

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Using Anki for Spaced Repetition

  Anki is one of the best programs for spaced repetition available. If you do not know what spaced repetition is, just read our previous post about the subject here. Anki is available for almost any computer and device (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and web browsers). It allows you to take control of your study while […]

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Are You Installed In Your Comfort Zone?

  During my last conference I stressed the concept of comfort zone, and why we must move outside it in order to maintain and even improve our mental skills along our whole life. Then, a clever guy of the audience, asked me about how to detect that one is installed in his comfort zone. And even […]

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6 celebrities body workouts

  Training the body is the second most important thing you can do to improve your brain (the first one is meditation). However many people find this quite difficult to get the energy and the aims to actually train every week. In order to motivate you to do exercise, I will show you in this […]

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